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Default Re: Proof for a pre-tribulation rapture

Is this who you are?

His head bent back as I pulled on his hair. He was as helpless as a child in a burning house. There was nothing he could do but scream out his apologies and hope that I would have mercy. Although his pleas sounded very sincere I was not affected by his state of fear. What could I do to make a lasting impression on his family and still leave him alive after I finished. Suddenly the thought came to mind

I tied him to his family's dining room chair so that I could prepare his body for the ultimate show of power. As I left to go find the tools that I would need to carryout my exquisite plan, I could hear him screaming out for help. Although his voice was extremely deafening no one would be able to hear him, for his house was in a location far from any other neighbors. I returned from his garage with some steel wire and a few metallic steaks. He watched me with a concentrated look in his eyes. Obviously he had realized that his screaming was a futile effort and all he could do was watch his own instrument of torture be constructed before him.

I had finished pounding the steaks into his great room walls. To get him attached would be hard to do if he had been conscious, so I used a mild sedative to calm him down and put his body into a state of submission. After he was sedated, I grabbed him up by his arms and moved him over to the couch. I took the wire and wrapped it around his wrists and ankles and made sure that they were tight enough to support the weight of his body. with the other ends of the attached wire, I strung them around each of the four steaks that were located in the wall above the couch. On each of the wires, I slowly pulled up his body until he was roughly where I wanted him. Then I tightened them so that the body would not look limp against the wall. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I tied each of the loose ends with impeccable exactness and cut the remaining wire. With the excess wire, I haphazardly wrapped it around his face and abdomen and made sure it was tight so as to superficially cut the skin. This maneuver had to be done with an extreme amount of preciseness or the wire would be too deeply embedded into the skin and not be visible. Once done, I picked up a knife from the kitchen and began to de-clothe him. I left but a small piece of cloth in order to cover up his genitalia.

I took a step back to admire my work, and went back to autograph it. I dipped my index finger into a particularly deep wound and proceeded to write my name.


As he slowly regained consciousness, I took some pictures, so that I could add them to my wall of fame. He was in a good deal of pain and that made me laugh for a while. Just listening him cry and whine for his parents was good enough for me. When I finished the 'i' the doorbell rang. The pizza's here I thought, and went to answer the door. Yep, it was the pizza, and it was more than a half hour so I got it free.

The perfect end to a perfect day.

In Peace,
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