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Default Re: a view from england

So...I would speculate that the excesses of religion through fundamentalism are likely to be at the urgings of these same folks to create the 'dialectic'. You create the problem then offer the solution - humanism.

I remember reading the theory that the current fundamentalists in Iran were put there by (the CIA or whatever). Which ever country you look at, I speculate that there are many fires being set, to keep people distracted so they don't notice one fire that trumps all.

This dialectic, although familiar to many scholars I guess, seems to have floated by unnoticed when it comes to the end of the Cold War. A vast majority of intellectuals eviscerate the underhanded dealings of the American Empire (rightly) but are mute or blind to those of Russia and China. Rantings against Communism are passť, you gotta be hip.

The point being that Communism and Capitalism are likely in the hands of the same manipulators who are playing each side off the other. Few people seem to see these opposite numbers as being on the same side, against the people. Communism is getting a free ride:
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