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this wrote:
This dialectic, although familiar to many scholars I guess, seems to have floated by unnoticed when it comes to the end of the Cold War. A vast majority of intellectuals eviscerate the underhanded dealings of the American Empire (rightly) but are mute or blind to those of Russia and China. Rantings against Communism are passť, you gotta be hip.

The point being that Communism and Capitalism are likely in the hands of the same manipulators who are playing each side off the other. Few people seem to see these opposite numbers as being on the same side, against the people. Communism is getting a free ride:
Your right. Communism and Capitalism was nurtured and financed by the same people. It's a glaring example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work. Read WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION for the full strory and proof of this assertion.

The dialectic works through the thesis and antithesis eventually transforming into a new synthesis and the process repeats itself recursively: the synthesis of the 2 becomes a new thesis itself and another antithesis needs to be created to continue the process. I believe that the clash of Capitalism and Communism has been successful and the synthesis out of the conflict of opposites is the US itself: or more precisely, a new America of a different type and purpose, a new thesis. The antithesis and new enemy of it is most definitely Islamic Fundamentalism (or terrorism). Eventually it will grow to encompass the whole of Islam itself in order for a true dialectic and conflict of opposites to occur.

Joel Skousen understands this I think. Judging by his report (which I read a while back), he is very correct in saying that Russia should not be considered defeated by any means. I believe that in this new dialectic we see with Islam, Russia will eventually become a part of the conflict ... on the side of the Arabs. Especially as Iran is being drawn into the mix. Russia has long, long ties with supplying the Iranians with all sorts of military support and covert training. Attack Iran and the Russian bear will growl like you've never seen before.

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