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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

Billiard,I have to agree.

Please stop trying to convert everyone here.

Moslem dude - your faith is your faith and I sincerely believe you have found truth in your faith.

Please respect the right of the individual to find their faith too. Unfortunately, when I see I sight you have posted, I generally don't read it as I have quickly learned to expect endless quotations for the Quran.

I'd rather get to you as opposed to your book. You, my dear give meaning to your religion through who you are and what you do. Allow us to share your thoughts and feelings on life, and we'd learn much more about your religion.

If you may only preach conversion and quote the Quran, people will soon tire of your company, no matter how interesting what you have to say, might have been.

Life and God is all about relationships.

Howse about an inspirational story regarding how your faith has brought you through some crazy circumstance? Or what crazy thing you noticed in your neck of the woods?

Anything but endless quotes please.

Mary XXX
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