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Default Re: a view from england

oops we're writing on top of each other here. AISB_watch, your website link reads:

"...With the Soviet Union having run its course (capitalism vs. communism) through successful "synthesis" with the west, a new "antithesis" was already mature enough to take its place: Islamic Fundamentalism."

Sure that could be the case but I think that Golitsyn's suggestion that the Russians feigned weakness is a key piece of information. Whatever the weapon of mass destruction, a nuke or a box cutter, we are ignoring Communism, Russia and China as being part of the NWO threat. Which is what can be expected from a successful mind control operation. I was fooled till recently.

I am not angry at you AISB, you seem to be doing some awesome work, but I notice that on your site on there's no story on Russia or Communism etc. It is, as I say a passť subject. No longer a threat.
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