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Default Re: For whom are these poisonous oranges?

I don't know if this means anything and...

The chakra colours are red for the one located at the base of the torso - sex organs.

Yellow is the colour for the chakra in the pit of the stomach - that uneasy gut feeling.

Green is for the heart and so on...

The point being, that if one chooses to work with these energy centers, orange is not the greatest colour to focus upon.

I am pretty sure that this is what those folks are thinking about... don't know why.

Opening chakra's willy-nilly is not so good - it can be like playing with a Ouija board or opening one's mind to psychic passageways, un-naturally, not knowing which Jinn/bad spirits you are dealing with. Some folks will be highly susceptible. The type of spirits and entities that exist at this level are suspect, to say the least.

There are known centers and flows of energy within the body as known by those schooled in ancient Chinese medicine. There are strong correlations to these assertions when getting into understanding the chakra's and their country of origin.

Human beings are truly more than mere animals. We exist in harmony with the various energy fields that make up our existence. We are also more than this energy. We are God's divine energy: (Mawashi's sparkle) spirit.

I am a creation of God's spirit having a human experience and not the other way around. That's what I believe.

Don't know if that made any sense and that's my two cents.
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