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Default Re: a view from england

Communists have indeed feigned weakness. And they have indeed infiltrated the ranks of every level of government - especially the socialized/humanistic reconstruction of the school system itself. Russia, however, may very well become a fascist state instead of its classic communist makeup - it seems to be heading that way, America as well. Either way, I see Russia and America eventually coming to a conflict. If not with Putin in power, maybe with a head of state more in line with Zhirinovsky's views. A recent story is worth considering.

China is the biggest wildcard in this mess. For years we have been warned of the coming conflict with China. The main promulgators of this scenario are people like the Trilateralists, Rockefeller and Brzezinski. Also, we have the 200 million man army coming from the east that's prophesied in the Bible. I think it's pretty obvious that China will figure dangerously into the situation.

Perhaps the conflict with Islam is only a ruse, and is going to be used to draw in Russia and China. I don't know.

this wrote:
I am not angry at you AISB, you seem to be doing some awesome work, but I notice that on your site on there's no story on Russia or Communism etc. It is, as I say a passť subject. No longer a threat.
There's a lot of stories I haven't covered. Doesn't mean a whole lot except that I don't claim to have all the answers. September 11th is one of them. There's no subject that will drag a person down an infinite rabbit hole like that one. I have many of the beliefs and conclusions of a lot of researchers on the subject but they have said it all better - and devoted more time - than I could. When a new story comes up about a particular avenue of research on 911, I link to it in my daily news updates. I think one of the best articles ever written on 911, came 2 days after by David Icke. I don't get into all his reptilian stuff but on the nature of elite manipulation he is always right on the money. His September 13th story reminded everyone to keep focused on "who benefits." Tracking and documenting what has happened since as a result of the tragedy, it is all too clear who has benefited.


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