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Default Re: Witness a miracle (streaming video)

Zany I'm so happy to hear that you've placed your faith in Christ. Witness to your unsaved friends and family because our time here may be short. Witness online as well if you can.

And don't allow doubts about the Trinity to cause you to stumble. We, as mere men, are extremely limited in our ability to fathom God's totality--in fact, we can't.

Just remember that the Trinity was present in the very beginning, "In the beginning Elohim, (which means three).."

The pagans and idol worshipers on this forum can never understand our Lord because they do not belong to Him. They do NOT know His voice.

Because they have rejected the truth of the scriptures, and rejected Jesus, God has allowed Satan to deceive them.

Their place will be in the darkness with the one that deceived them.
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