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Default Re: Yes, Henry, exactly correct

How can the American people, or anyone for that matter, believe that Bush's actions are independent of anyone else and that he is just an IDIOT.

He is a useful IDIOT for THEM.

How can the American people, or anyone for that matter, believe that the Iraq war was a mistake soley on Bush's part, when all indications are that he received "beefed up" intelligence. Non-existent intelligence.

This "false" intelligence was given to justify invasion. So, then it was not a mistake. It was planned. Planned for what reason? The NWO.

Bush is puppet. We know that. One man alone is not responsible for the "state of our world." Many men are. Bush is doing their dirty work for them. He is one of them.

Like I said, a USEFUL IDIOT.

In Peace,

The commercial with Joe Kennedy offering oil from Venezuela for lower prices than in the US speaks to the use of Chavez.

He is being used to instill more hatred against America. Friend or foe?

This is the plan.

How much hate will they instill around the world toward America, before we are attacked on these premeditated acts?

America will be alone and isolated under military rule, police state and a full-blown fascist dictatorship in the not too distant future.

The two party system is a joke. Doesn't matter which party you vote for. Most have been bought and sold. Elections have been fixed since their inception.

In Peace,

P.S. What is the deal with Joe Kennedy and Kerry both using the phrase, "help is on the way?"
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