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Default Re: Shall it be war you of Belial?

cold wrote:
You are the example.

Indrid Cold
All else has failed, so you present yourself here "disguised as the Devil."

As you said in your own words, the GAME continues.

This would refer to the GAME you and your ILK play, as there is no other.

I'm a SOLO act and I DON'T PLAY GAMES!

You know, interesting how there are two sets of lyrics to the song, "devils and dust."

Both sound completely different. Like they were written by two separate entities.

I've always wondered if some musicians truly write their own songs or if somebody ELSE writes them.

Different personalities, ghost writers. Not sure. Could be both.

Is that smoke on the horizon you see or the "devil in the mailbox?"

How 'bout the song, Reno? Sounds like a threesome is going on. Ugh, that line, $250.00 up the ar*se."

In Peace,
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