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Default Re: WHAT DO I WANT?

BlueAngel wrote:
Shadow's question to BlueAngel:

"What do you want of this man?" should have been, "what does this man want of BlueAngel?"

My answer would be the following:

The complete destruction of my life, my marriage, my brain, my heart, my soul, my emotional, psychological and mental state of mind. Institutionalization, suicide, schizophrenia, paranoia, a prisoner in my own mind, to suffer in silence. Altered states of consciousness removing me completely out of reality. Starvation, carving myself up, to have spoken to others outside of my family about the disinformation planted in the past and called up on his site to appear crazy. So, if and when the truth become available to me, I would have already told a completely different, crazy, story; therefore discrediting the new information/truth. TO make me appear like a fanatic on his site and this, the reason, for what they wanted to be able to label as delusions born from an obsession.

Disallowing me access to the truth about HIM through the triggering of voices, anxiety, fear, deploying many methods of silence, neutralize, contain, including gaslighting.

To own, operate and control me like a robot/slave. That which was not acheived in my younger years completely or while on HIS sight, but rather silence through torture, physical abuse, and psychological/covert operations when I parted from him in the past and present.

The list goes on and on not much different than before.

In Peace,
Is this person from your past?
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