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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

A Small, Young Universe After All!

Scoffers take a number and sit over there, please.... While you are waiting and mumbling expletives under your breath at such an outrageous claim, work the facts that follow in with what has gone before under the titles:

NASA's Agenda: Promoting Evolutionism

NASA's Hanky-Panky: Virtual Reality Technology

The Spiritual Roots of NASA's Big Bang Premise

Now consider:

A non-moving earth at the center of our universe--with the sun and a stellatum of stars going round every day--is still a model that explains all the important phenomena in the known (i.e., the REAL, non VR) universe. Calculations requiring the utmost precision, i.e., calculations about moon phases, air and sea navigation, satellite deployment and relocation, solar and lunar eclipses, etc., are all based on a non-moving earth (HERE). All sorts of arcane math symbols calling themselves heliocentric may be used but when these "fumididdles" (as one physicist called them) or "pseudomathematical decorations" (as Andreski called them) are set aside, the math is geocentric. Given the explanations in the seven part series on the Kabbala (begin HERE) and the seven part series on "The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science" (begin HERE), the Model of Apollonius is demonstrably both more Scriptural and more scientifically satisfying than the modified Brahe Model (HERE). (Physicist Dr. Neville T. Jones in Scotland has a marvelous CD with moving graphics of the Apollonian Model which you can read about and order by going to the May 2004 Bulletin (HERE).)

Thus, in spite of a world persuaded otherwise, Biblical cosmology stands just as impregnable in the 21st century as it did in 1600 AD. The Apollonian Model particularly shows the Earth at the center of the universe with a band of stars all around. Inside the misnamed "solar" system all the planets and the sun and the moon and the stars orbit the Earth, (The Earth is not a planet...which word means "wanderer" and--like "solar" system and capitalizing the planet's names and using the small "e" for Earth--are all just clever little indoctrination tools).

In short, the sun, moon, and stars are actually doing precisely what everyone throughout all history has seen them do. We do not believe what our eyes tell us because we have been taught a counterfeit system which demands that we believe what has never been confirmed by observation or experiment. That counterfeit system demands that the Earth rotate on an "axis" every 24 a speed of over 1000 MPH at the equator. No one has ever, ever, ever seen or felt such movement (nor seen or felt the 67000MPH speed of the Earth's alleged orbit around the sun...or its 500,000 MPH alleged speed around a galaxy...or its retreat from an alleged "Big Bang" at over 670,000,000 MPH! ).

Remember, no experiment has ever shown the earth to be moving. Indeed, these experiments have all reported the same thing, i.e., no movement. Add to that the fact that the alleged rotational speed we've all been taught as scientific fact MUST decrease every inch or mile one goes north or south of the equator, and it becomes readily apparent that such things as accurate aerial bombing in WWII (down a chimney from 25000 feet with a plane going any direction at high speed) would have been impossible if calculated on an earth moving below at several hundred MPH and changing constantly with the latitude. (You can see several such logical impossibilities treated in THE EARTH IS NOT MOVING.)

Note this well: a) If moving Earth Copernicanism is shown to be a colossal deception, the Bible is automatically proven to be right on this major aspect of Creation. The Earth is either moving or it isn't! b) Anyone jolted into recognizing that the whole world could be utterly fooled by the Copernican deception will have little trouble seeing Darwinism as fruit off of the same tree. c) Recognizing that the physical and biological sciences have been used to make these mega- deceptions as successful as they are, no strain will be required to see how the teachings of Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Zionism, NASA's Saganism and Goldinism, Zionist-supporting Christian Fundamentalism, AND KABBALISM have been used to bring that Bible-bashing mystic religion to the verge of pulling it all off and establishing the long-planned New World Order which is already programmed to quickly rid the world of Bible-based Christianity.

Because of Big Bangism's and Einstein's demands--based on "thought experiments", Kabbalistic mysticism, and flat-out VR fraud--we've all been led to believe that there are galaxies of stars so far away that even God could not get them around the Earth every day! Take away those demands--including Dr. Albert's scientifically unsupportable speed of light limitations--and it is downright easy to understand stars in a stellatum with about a 1/2 light day radius (twinkling and reflecting endlessly in the Bible's watery outer firmament (Gen 1:15) and going around the Earth daily just as we see them go and just as the Bible says they go. (Go HERE for first of seven part series describing a 1/2 light day thick universe. )

Though the physicists and electrical engineers involved in the steadily emerging ELECTRIC UNIVERSE concept do not make Biblical geocentrism connections, their model shrinks the universe enormously. More, it gets rid of Relativity, the Big Bang, and an Expanding Universe. In addition to all this, the concept and the evidence behind it make sense! A "small" universe with a young Earth is a model whose time is drawing very near. All that has to be done to make the Electric Universe model fit with Biblical Geocentrism is to get rid of the extraterrestrial evolutionary mind-set baggage of its proponents. This link (HERE) should go far toward getting rid of that baggage, and this link (HERE) will provide an overview of The Electric Universe Concept and its great potential for gutting modern theoretical cosmology and starting over.

Any reader still racked by waves of disbelief that such mind-boggling deceptions could have been pulled off (even by Satan, the master of deceit!) needs to possess only two things: 1) A heart that "can receive A LOVE OF TRUTH" (II Thess.2:10); and 2) A willingness to look at the various kinds of evidence which prove that these masterpieces of cosmological deception have indeed occurred, and, more, that they are terminally pregnant with technology's Virtual Reality Lies (HERE) calculated to finish off Christianity and crown Kabbalism and Talmudism ruler over all the Earth in a Zionist-ruled One World Government.

As for #1, it is undeniable that people can be forced to see a Truth and not Love It. These prefer lies to Truths, and though forced to see and know a Truth, will hate it and hate its author, God. Their father is Satan who was created "in the beginning with no Truth in him" to be the father of all who hate Truth...(John 8:44; etc. Go (HERE) to order a book entitled: Satan: What Makes Him Tick?

And for #2 (having looked at some of the scientific and logical evidence), all who will then look at the Historical development of Copernicanism (HERE and elsewhere) will see very plainly how this mega-deception has been able to overcome and replace indisputable observational and experimental evidence. All can see for themselves how Copernicanism gradually took over in the physical sciences at the universities (and has trickled down now to become a "fact" that is learned in kindergartens). All will see how liberalism took over in the churches and let the Copernican lie beat back the Bible with its scores of Scriptures declaring a non-moving and immovable Earth with the sun and stars going around daily (HERE) The real roles of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Sagan, etc., in advancing this colossal Bible-bashing fraud will become obvious. The fact that these men have been put in man's Hall of Fame as great world-changing "scientists" attests again to Bible infallibility for we are told that God has allowed Satan to be "god of this world" (II Cor.4:4) until the time appointed when he is briefly taken out of the way (II Thess.2:7; Rev.11:15;12;12; 20:3), then restored for "a little season" (Rev.20:3,7) and then terminated permanently (Rev.20:10;Is.14:16; Is.66:24; etc.).

Furthermore, the hidden but real and unbreakable connection between Copernicanism and Darwinism will become totally plain and understandable to any who will look with an open mind and a heart capable of loving Truth. (Click HERE to see this symbiotic connection....) And the connections don't stop there! With the physical and biological sciences captive to Copernicanism and Darwinism being spewed from every bastion of "higher learning", the social "sciences" and the behavioral "sciences" and the arts, and ultimately Bible-based Christianity have all been driven into Satan's corral of Babylonish confusion.

Much sanity still remains in the world, however, do largely to the fact that Creationism-- while down for the count several times--is still in the ring and getting in a good punch here and there. Besides that, there are plenty of people who don't have the information with which to challenge evolutionism on scientific grounds, whose common sense nevertheless tells them it's a nutty idea and that it is a root cause of rudderless kids and adults everywhere.

Unfortunately, neither these folks nor knowledgeable creationists seem to have a clue that NASA is the agent being used to put Creationism on the mat for the full count. Consequently neither group can see that the Devil is on the verge of winning this critical match with his use of fraudulent VR simulation technology (HERE - HERE) propelled by and undergird by the multi-faceted religion of mystical Kabbalism, which, along with Talmudism, are the sworn enemies of Christianity (HERE - HERE). Thru NASA (and a host of other powerful evolution fronts: See: Time, 1/17/00,p.76), Satan intends to place man's new god for the 21st century--namely, anti-Bible Kabbalist Humanist-Paganism (HERE -HERE)--firmly in the driver's seat of a One World Government.

(The fact that a OWG is coming to pass and is imminent is no longer a moot point. Nationalism is dying on the vine as computerized telecommunications make the world a global village. World leaders openly envision a OWG as the utopia that man's wisdom will have finally put together. These will ignore the fact that Bible prophesies over 1900 years old tell us that such a global government will indeed come to pass...that it will look good at first, but will be empowered by Satan...that it will have "a war with the Lamb" which it will lose (Rev.17:14)...that this will result in a separation (not the Rapture!) of God's people (Rev.18:4) from those who then are committed to what has become an overtly Satan-led, Satan-worshipping, God-hating, drug-dispensing, global government...and that its formation will signal the very beginning of the end of this earth's history, etc. (Go (HERE) to order a book entitled: The Preterit View: Straining At A Gnat And Swallowing A Camel...a subject that fits into all "End Tim" considertions.

The dominos of man's "wisdom" ("foolishness to God": I Cor. 3:19) are all lined up. They cover every academic discipline and many of the false doctrines in all religions. Together they make up the deceptions upholding Satan's kingdoms on Earth, namely, "Babylon the Great", i.e., where Confusion and its author reign. (I Cor. 14:33; II Cor. 4:4; & I Tim. 4:1...which says that demons mess up doctrines....) [Go (HERE) to see how modern man's "knowledge" is rooted and grounded in deception which flows in a straight historical line from the success of the Copernican Revolution....

But, not to worry; a Sovereign, Omniscient, and Omnipotent God planned all this before the foundation of the world (Acts 15:18). He has declared that Babylon (i.e., confusion) will Fall (Rev. 14:8; 17:12-18; 18:1-24; etc.), and Fall it will!

Copernicanism is the first domino. Darwinism is the second.... These are the chief lies that have fooled not only the world but all the Christian churches and all other religions.. Not incidentally, that is why God's Judgment "...begins at the house of God" (I Pet. 4:17,18). HE will call His people out of Babylon once the OWG is formed and its true Satan-worshipping nature is revealed in the "war with the Lamb". HE has declared that "the gates of hell will not prevail [succeed] against His Church" (Matt.16:18). Believe it! Those gates are guarding the deceptions that rule the world and are seeking to destroy Jesus, the Lamb of God and the Church He established. That sacrificial Lamb, however, is also "The Lion of Judah"! With His "called, chosen, and faithful" (Rev.17:14) He will expose those deceptions (I Jn.3:8) and their author, and then He will finish God the Father's Plan for the end of this old earth and the beginning of the new heavens and the New Earth.

Few if any readers who have come this far could be more duped by the lies of the false science establishment than I have been. I believed it to be beyond challenge that all that modern science alleges about the cosmos, evolution, and all the rest was scientific fact, and that only red-necked ignorami in bib-overalls still believed the Biblical account of creation and on thru the New Testament of Jesus Christ. It was inconceivable to me that all the smartest people in the Universities with their training and books, etc., could be fooled or--worse--lying. Every book I read confirmed these convictions, and I read thousands of them.

But then an odd set of circumstances over thirty years ago caused me to investigate the claims of evolution thoroughly. I discovered that--beyond any question--evolutionism is a contra-scientific lie without the first piece of evidential proof to support its preposterous claims. More, I discovered that a belief in evolutionism was at the core not only of my disbelief in God and the Bible, but that this belief has also basically determined my socialist political and economic philosophy and my approach to sexuality and marriage and family and all that is connected with those things and all of which unconsciously combine to make up a person's total understanding of what life is all about. (To order the book which resulted from that about face - The Truth About Evolution - go HERE.)

Other developments led me to question the seemingly unchallengeable teaching that the earth revolves on an axis and orbits the sun. Though plainly contradicted by numerous Scriptures in the Bible, the Copernican Model was not only universally accepted as fact in the secular world...but (barring a few brave souls) was even accepted as fact by evolution-fighting Creationists and other hard core Bible people. Surely it couldn't be a contra-scientific deception like evolutionism!! Nonetheless, as any who want to know can find out, it is indeed pure deception. More, it is the mother of the success of evolutionism and the other pernicious isms built on both lies.

Having written The Earth Is Not Moving to demonstrate how Copernicanism has succeeded in spite of having no evidence and violating all we can see, I have only very recently been led to discover some of the additional facts related in these four short essays. The Kabbalistic connection is very important, as all can surely appreciate.

Its importance lies not only in the fact that it explains and amplifies the religious zeal driving NASA's leadership in its no-holds-barred goal of demonstrating anti-Bible evolutionism, but also that it explains and amplifies how thoroughly the Zionist Ashkenazis have tricked Fundamentalist Protestant Evangelicals into supporting their every move, and do so on the alleged grounds that they are still God's chosen people fulfilling Biblical prophecies by returning to the "holy land", etc.

In ways too involved to explain here (HERE) these Christian leaders have been tricked into ignoring or twisting scores of New Testament texts which declare that all the chosen people status and perks for the Jews were abrogated by Jesus so that God's grace could go to "whosoever will", whether "Jew or Greek", with "no respect of persons" whereby "If ye be Christ's, THEN are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise", etc., etc. Sheesh....

So, just as surely as the Space Program is driven by the Kabbalist-based Relativity-Big Bang-Expanding Universe cosmology, just so surely is the mis-characterization of Biblical End Time events by the most visible Christian evangelicals today (HERE - HERE) really a fulfilling of the anti-Bible, anti-Christian teaching of the Kabbala.

One of the long list of major ironies that leaps out from the Kabbalist origins of Big Bangism and Zionism was the selection of Einstein from a long list of notables to be "Man of the 20th Century". Big Al's crucial role in saving Copernicanism from the non-moving Earth results of the Michelson-Morley experiments with his Relativity nonsense (HERE) and his promotion of the key element of Big Bangism (energy produces matter) made him an unrivaled hero to one and all who were eager and determined to see Bible-based Christianity bite the dust.

Documented but not widely broadcast is the fact that Einstein was also a ZZ (Zealous Zionist), who was, in fact, offered the presidency of Israel when that state was formed in 1948. Did Einstein know that what he really was...was a Kabbalist superstar?! Did those who brought him out of obscurity and made him an international celebrity for the whole 20th Century and then crowned him "The Man of the Century" know it?! Surely, few will want to say that Einstein in particular and those others in general were too dumb to know that what they did was in the service of anti-Bible, anti-Christian Kabbalism.... Can the smartest of the smart have been that dumb?? And is it not obvious that--whether duped or not--synthetic Zionist Christians have been a major factor in bringing this Bible-bashing plot to its present stage of virtual completion?! (HERE, HERE)

All who are not afraid to look into this will see that the evidence to back it up is irrefutable, and they will see that it is a spiritual rather than a scientific need to portray a 15 billion year old and virtually endless universe that drives modern cosmology today. (HERE)

Einstein and those who crowned him knew exactly what his role was, and--in spite of the opposition of Genesis-believing Jews--are still doing their utmost to bring to pass a global government with the highest priority being the fulfillment of the Kabbalist goal of getting rid of New Testament Christianity by ultimately making it a Hate Crime deserving the death penalty if not renounced. What do we think the Mark of the Beast is anyway?! (See: Hate Crimes.)

Ah, but there's that "war the Lamb wins"! (Rev.17:14) The soon coming One World Government with all its big plans only lasts "one hour" (v.12) before its Satanic goals are exposed and foiled so that it has to show who its real god is. Then look for several years of very rough stuff spelled out in The Revelation. (Scriptural details in these books: HERE - HERE.)

The Question again is: What does a small universe have to do with all this?

Answer: Everything. The Big Bang's limitlessly expanding universe gets rid of a uniquely created geocentric Earth on the one hand and, on the other, it provides the billions of years needed for the triumph of the evolution myth which is the fatal wound, the coup de grace, the denouement, the final resolution of the centuries-old plot to destroy Bible credibility. With the credibility of its Creation foundation destroyed, all of the Bible is suspect. If the Biblical Creation accounts of the cosmos and of all life are disproved by "science" as claimed, then the Biblical Jesus has no credibility and can take His place alongside Buddha, Confucius, and Zoroaster.

That's what the facts add up to, like it or not.

Big Bang Kabbalism fueled by NASA's high-tech Virtual Reality simulations may have the world convinced that goofy billions of light year distances to their latest star discoveries are "scientific" and that Star-Trekian evolutionism has produced washboard-browed and pointy-eared life all over the place "out there", but science fiction and simulations are not real. They are imaginations and counterfeits of something not known, not scientific, and not real (1 p. sum: HERE) The known facts, i.e., the real scientific facts, add up to an Earth-centered "small" universe with the Sun, Moon, and Stars going around the Earth every day just the way we see them go (HERE). That is both the scientific and the Biblical model and no Kabbalistic plans, old or new, are going to change it.
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