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Default Re: Witness a miracle (streaming video)

Zany if a man rejects Christ, then he has already condemned himself to judgment--I have no power to condemn anyone; that domain is Christ's alone.

Pointing out the exclusiveness of Christ's redeeming nature to the lost is neither "judgmental" nor "condemning"--it's merely confirming and proclaiming the Word.

I do not condemn Ahmad; I'm praying that he'll accept Jesus as His Savior, but if he rejects Christ, it is not "judgmental" to tell him what awaits him.

If Ahmad was driving on a dangerous and curvy road at night with a bridge out up ahead of him, would it be "judgmental" of me to warn him of the danger ahead by jumping up and down, and screaming at him?

For some odd reason many of those who claim to be christians are simply remaining silent as our fellow humanity plunge off of their own spiritual bridges into their deaths!

Jesus told us to "go unto all the world and preach the Gospel" to the lost.

Jesus said, "If you love me you'll obey me."
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