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Default Re: Who here on this forum is Practicing Black Majiik?

George_Bush wrote:
One will usually notice that the Illuminati and other mystery schools who have alied themselves with the Aeon of Horus have various ways and means for practicing this occultation.

Yet, what is beginning to dawn on them is that the technick is becoming OUTWORN and FADING in energia. This is to be expected since is actually is Not Reality and is always understood as a -1.

What mankind will find in the coming years is a REDISCOVERED POWER among the Christians. For as this short Aeon of darkness is passing away, the True Light of the CRISENED man.

It is mainly this final work of TRANSFORMATION that is before us. For the midnight of the world is here.

And a cry shall go forth into all the world. And the Virgins shall AWAKEN,

5 wise; 5 foolish. 5 with only half the OIL required; 5 with enough oil for the journey.

For this is the BYCOMING of the SON OF MAN.

This is the UNVEILING of the SONS OF LIGHT. They have seen a vision of their eternal inheritance. They know the time. They sense that the moment has finally come.

It is time for the BUTTERFLY to come forth. It is time for those made into the likeness of the Son of God to BREAK FORTH from this present cosmic egg.

It is time for the new man to break out of his shell.

And the shell, the CHAFF, shall be burnt up in unquenchable FIRE.

It comes quickly. And we are looking to and hastening the DAY OF THE LORD.
One notices too that it is directly through our GRAMATICK of LOGOS that the PARABOLA, or Spiraling effect works to break the cosmic SHELL.
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