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Liberal vs Conservative is a bogus issue, so is gay marriage. The real issue with gay marriage is why is the government involved with the licensure of marriage in the first place. A license is a permission to do that which you otherwise could not legally do. Don't people (as in a man and a woman) have a right to marry? The state enters in as a fraudulent third party for the purpose of gaining a jurisdiction over the children from a licensed marriage. The marriage license used to be an intermarriage license, as in mixed race marriage. In the 19th century, churches would not sanction such marriages nor was marriage outside of ones race considered a right. But, the whole point of licensure seems to have been forgotten by the Christian church, which has taken a license itself in the form of non profit religious corporation status. The corporation churches refuse to marry people without a state license. Why is it needed? It is NOT needed. People marry in a church in front of witnesses, guest books are signed, the whole thing is videotaped and photographed, etc. Isn't that enough evidence to validate that a marriage took place? In fact, if you ask your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles regarding name change on a driver's license, they WILL accept a church issued certificate of marriage signed by witnesses and the preacher. Once a new driver's license is issued, the socialist slavestate number administration will be happy to use that as evidence of name change to issue a new socialist slavestate ID card. With the new ssn card issued, the IRS has no problem with "married filing jointly" status. So, even the whole bogus system doesn't require the marriage license.

Let the gays have their state issued license, since no legitimate Christian church could perform their ceremony anyways. They do have legitimate issues regarding insurance, standing in court, power of atty., probate court, etc. As for the rest of us, simply boycotting the licensure of marriage would bring the govt. to heel far quicker than any amount of bickering over should they or shouldn't they issue a license to gays.

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