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Default Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design You Decide

On topic, Teddy Roosevelt is known as the trust buster but in fact more trusts were created in Teddy's near 8 years then were busted. In the Taft administration (following the hallowed, but sellout, Teddy -- a lap dog owned by Morgan) there were more trusts busted then in the Teddy era and fewer trusts created in his four years in office.

So history is a lie. (Not to mention the fact Teddy, having failed at the convention, co-oped the disenfranced of the time and called it Bull-Moose which killed Taft and got Wilson elected, brought about the Federal Reserve (the ultimate oxymoron) and the Fereral Income Tax ... the reasons why you are a slave with no rights ...

... compare the election of 1912 to 1992 .... It was just deja voodoo all over again. Without Perot, Clinton loses. Without Clinton (with the D team holding H&S) there is no NAFTA. Oh yes you can in the Yucatan!

Do you know I was once offered a seven figure salary and turned it down?

As many of you know, the NWO includes dupes .. essentially .. useful idiots. A billionaire in bed with the D team. I've always liked that. A freaking rich mantard libby.

Good guy, rich beyond what I can even imagine but a toad.

I turned down the money to keep my soul.

Hey it's the net, take it any way you want.
We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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