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LaDominio wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
There is much mystery surrounding the Illuminati and this is for purpose. This is their method of operation for all devious acts, criminal or otherwise, which they desire to keep concealed from the public.

I would describe it briefly this way.

The Illuminati are comprised of the Bankers. All others within government, military serve the Illuminati. If the Illuminati want war, the government and military serve them. If the Illuminati want the stock market to crash, those who are paid zillions within this industry, will crash it.

Freemasonry is the father of all secret societies. I refer to it as the OCTOPUS. The tentacles of the OCTOPUS comprise all other secret societies that infect all aspects of our lives from education to banking, etc.

Mind control plays a prominent role in this regard.

There are masters and there are servants.

In Peace,
I wouldnt say Freemasonry is the father of all secret societies, but based on the information available most people would believe it so.

Then what would you say?

The Illuminati is a 'powerful' organization but not the most powerful by any means, although they believe that they are.

So, you're saying that the ILLUMINATI BELIEVE they are the most powerful but there is an organization above them. So, they've been tricked? What is the name of the organization that is above them?

Theres not much to know about these secret societies other than they are a bunch of twisted, perverse, wretched, greedy, arrogant and truly insane bureaucrats.
They are just the same as anyone else, only their bad qualities are magnified and their greed is abhorrently profound within them.
They cannot be the same as everyone else if they are different. So, that's it in a nutshell. Not much else to know. What about their "satanic" nature?

In Peace,
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