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Default Re: New Life in Sirhan Defense

Excellent post! Fascinating subject.

By the way, Sirhan was never called a "Palestinian" in 1968--the word didn't exist--and neither did a "Palestinian" people, nation, culture or language! Those people are simply Arabs!

It wasn't until the early 1970's that the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature began to cite the faulty term.

The Romans replaced the word 'Judea' with 'Palestine' referring to the long-extinct 'Phillistine' people whom the Jews had totally destroyed long before the 1st century. (The Philistines were satanic nephilim by the way.)

In the long line of Americans slaughtered by Arab terrorists, RFK has the dubious distinction of being the 1st American to die at the hands of Arab terrorists; this Arab jihad began against us not on 9/11, but rather in 1968! Here's the complete list of Arab terrorist attacks against us since 1968 to present:

Like the murder of JFK and MLK, the FBI/ATF massacres of citizens at Ruby Ridge and Waco, the OKC bombing and 9/11, we'll never get to the bottom of the Sirhan mystery.

Whenever the federal government decides to conduct a 'hearing' or 'investigation' into some strange case that may involve them, that is an immediate codeword for CASE WILL NEVER BE SOLVED!

A courageous state-level judge attempted to reopen the King case a few years ago but the feds quashed him quickly.

The Waco slaughter was 'investigated' by the totally incompetant joke-of-a-senator John Danforth, and of course, he found "no culpability or involvement by the government."

Our government is so corrupt that I'm beginning to wonder if the Arabs are partially right when they name our government as "the great Satan!"
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