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BlueAngel wrote:
LaDominio wrote:
Secret societies have been around since pre-history.

The name of the 'organization' above them?

Why would they need a name? They’re the most powerful people in the world and their group is pure secret. They might as well have no names. Though there are a few titles they have given themselves for egotistical stimulation. Its more like a family than an organization. And yes, they are satanic, which would make them just as ignorant as the rest, but they are also the only satanists who are actually in direct contact with the Devil.

If their group is pure secret, how do you know? So, they have a direct line to the Devil? You know this, but you don't know the name of the organization or who they are?

Dont ask me how I know this because I am simply able to access this information from a spiritual source.
Now that makes perfect sense! Glad you cleared this mystery up for us with another mystery.

In Peace,
LOL, it's like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma
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