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Default Re: The Illusion of Safety

Draken wrote:
That's right mary.

As far as I'm concerned every society that is occupied with overconsumption, work as definition of existence, hedonism, entertainment and at the same time lacks transcendent heroism, and any and all spiritual, religious and divine aspects and metaphysics is Communist.
I thought of another aspect of Communism: the morbid fascination with biological, physical bodily functions manifesting of course in the obsession with sex and sports. Analogically, it connects to the Stalinist propaganda posters that depicted young, strong workers, out on the fields harvesting, or engaging in sports, all happily working together for "glory" and Stalin and Communism.

Everywhere in Western mass media sports features prominently along with sex. You can see all and any kind of sport, related statistics, commentaries, tournaments, events of any kind, Olympics, World Cups, European Cups, National etc.

Needless to say, the physical obsession with sports and sex as entertainment is everywhere in the West. I consider that fact to be another negative sign of Communism's infiltration of, and assault on our Western civilization.

If as much effort was invested in encouraging young people to use their mental, psychic and spiritual capacities as in physical capacities society would probably cease to stagnate, or at least would not stagnate at such an incredible speed.

But of course, the usurpers of power - who totally lack any sacred spiritual dimension - don't want us to develop our mental, psychic and spiritual capacities. That would mean that becoming REALLY free - SPIRITUALLY free - would be a very real possibility.

Another thought I had lately was that if Christianity as the latest Western religion really is misused by the elites since 2000 years to control the masses; and if Christianity's hold - and established religion's hold in general - on the masses is slipping, partly because of subversion by the Illuminati but partly because of more and more people waking up from the illusion; is not mysticism and esoterism really a revival of, or a falling back on more genuine, inner, truthful ways of following a certain religion?

Esoterism is after all the inner aspect of ANY religion. It exists in Christiality, as well as in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

If the exoteric aspect of a religion is likened to a tree and its branches, the esoteric aspect would be the sap that vivifies the tree. The tree and its branches is any given religion's outer form and doctrine, and the sap that vivifies it and runs through every cell is the esoteric, inner aspect of its mystic doctrine.

If the assumption (that was made on another thread) - that the further back we go in history, the closer we get to the civilizations that understood the "Big Mystery" and The Truth; the Divine Immanent/Transcendent Reality of The Supreme Being - is correct, then why should we fear esoterism and mysticism?
Being from an age closer to The Truth and the peoples who understood it better than us, should we not try to understand the knowledge that's there instead of ignoring it out of fear of using "occult", evil forces?

I'm not saying 'yes' or 'no' to any of the questions asked above; I'm just asking if we really should be scared of "esoteric", "mystic" knowledge or if that's in fact what the NWO people WANT us to be?

Truth, Beauty, Love
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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