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Default Re: NWO Seduction Or Soloution? WMV File

AISB_Watch wrote:
I would agree with Alex 100 percent. And when he talks about 911 being a "pin prick", he's saying so in relation to a nuclear explosion being set off in the middle of a high-populated area. Compared to the inevitable, 911 is a "pin prick" - no matter how blasphemous to the September 11th family members that may sound.

As far as him selling books and videos. That is a necessity, as Thumper said. Hosting streaming video is very, very expensive. I wouldn't do it ... because I ain't rich! I'm stingy even when it comes to overuse of images. Take a look at his July 1004 stats:

I came across that while poking around and adding stats/ to the url to see if his traffic was publicly accessible. That's 2 Terabytes a month! That'll run you anywhere from $500 to $1000 american per month. Porn sites would be lucky to get such traffic. I'd be willing to take a guess that his 2005 traffic, by now, could even be double the amount he was getting back then. He needs all the help (read money) he can get.
Open your eyes people. Don't waste your money. Go easy on the dough.
As for you AISB, you and I have similarities, but yet we differ: Sure you're going to agree with Alex. It's obvious as to why.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
C'mon fella, drop the game, you know darn well Jones is a Freemason boy. Well, ya we!!!!!!
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