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spectre wrote:
That is all I'm giving her though. Credibility? How to prove true statements such as:

"Remember, they watch me. They listen in. They know when I'm leaving my house and when I return home."

First of all, dear Spectre, I don't have to prove anything to anyone and, in particular, YOU! Anyone who, after reading this thread, doesn't believe I'm being watched and/or comes to a conspiracy forum and doesn't believe in these capabilties is obviously on the wrong site. Why would they be here sticking their nose in the thread? We know the answer.

I'd probably prefer not to know. There is a lot I would potentially like to say to BlueAngel but she offers advice and wisdom only and doesen't take it.

I'm not on this site offering advice or wisdom. I'm offering knowledge and INTELLIGENCE and I'm not here seeking advice or wisdom from some anonymous poster who doesn't believe in mind control programs or spying by the government on those who were victims and are writing about it on this forum. I seek advice from my husband, family, friends and the OTHERS. I wonder what advice and wisdom you would offer. The same as RedRat? CONTAIN YOURSELF.

The truth is that we are ALL victims of mind control but in ways most of us would not bother to consider.

Well, you better start considering before they implant you. Or, have you already been?

It's silence is loud and in plain site.
It's silence is loud and in plain site. OOh, is that some kind of coded command?

In Peace,
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