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Drugs and rock n' roll! Now that's a new concept, isn't it?

So, in addition to altered states, hypnosis and a variety of other methods, we know that drugs play role as well.

I remember the tubing on my arm and telling HIM/THEM that I didn't like being injected. Tell me when it's over. Oh, just a little pin prick and I'm wondering then why it's taking so long. Why is the needle still in my arm. I'm feeling all hot. Get it out. It's because the drugs are entering your bloodstream. Heroin? Not sure. Could have been a testing of many drugs to see how they heightened the creative talent. LSD, most probably as well.

I was always adamant about how I wanted to feel my NORMAL self. That's how I referred to it. I'm tired of being injected with drugs and then writing lyrics.

Oh, just sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, they would say.

I don't want anymore drugs, I'd say. I'll write lyrics without them. I don't want anymore needle marks in my arms.

I want to be my NORMAL self.

To get and keep you addicted is to OWN you.

In Peace,
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