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cold wrote:

Who would not *f* me?

I would assume you speak of my past handler.

Here, let me explain.

While on his site in the not so distant past, sexual programming was triggered continuously.

I was tranced into a fairy-tale, make-believe world that he played some heroic role in saving me from the cult when I was young. All of this was disinformation. We know this is negative. He was an abuser/controller.

So, why would they trigger sexual programming to the higest degree when there wasn't going to be any way that we would see each other?

I'll tell you why. A "torture" tactic to satisfy their sadistic nature. They enjoyed watching me suffer.

Thank goodness someone else not connected with them supplied me with an email address to write my sexual thoughts so that I would not display this on his SITE. Whomever you are, THANK YOU.

I know it wasn't him, because they desired that I become some kind of exhibitionist on the site, become angry and display this there.

I was instructed not to pay any attention to the "man behind the curtain." The email address to whom I was writing sexual thoughts to, but whom never responded.

When I didn't obey the order, HE placed the biblical quote that would come back each time I wrote to this email address under his location.

Desperate now, for me to think it was him, so I might express something on the board about it.

I did not.

I also didn't obey orders not to have intimate relations with my husband, so I'm sure this played into their "taste of your own medicine."

In Peace,
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