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Like I said previously, anytime I referred to him as a sadistic pig or a pedophile, he tortured me.

After writing the above post and insinuating same, I began to feel very cold and started to tremble, my vision became weird as if I was alter changing or having a memory about the past. I started having heart palpatations.

It was said that if I ever referred to him this way in the future, I would suffer the reprecussions for the rest of my life. The feeling that I was being tortured, afraid, cold, trembling.

Each time I told my parents what was occuring, they'd say he was teaching me the ropes; how to make it in the music business.

I'd tell them, well, that's not all he does and it doesn't involve the music business. I want out of this program. It's not a program. It's disgusting.

He has sex with me and he's too old. And, he's not the only one I have to have sex with. He hypnotizes me and makes me do things I don't want to do.

This is a program for talented children?

My father would confront him and, of course, he'd deny it and I'd be very upset, needless to say.

I'd say to my father, why do you ask him right in front of me? What do you think he is going to say, "yes," this is what I do to your daughter.

Well, he'd say, I want to get it from the horse's mouth. I'd say, he's just going to lie and you probably know what's going on and don't care because you continue to force me to go with him.

Why would you believe him and not me? Your own daughter. Why do you think I would make this up?

So, you must not care.

That's all there is to it. You don't care. You'd rather that I be rich and famous someday no matter what it takes.

He stopped asking him in front of me, but anytime I had to see him again, he would know if I had said something about him, referred to him as a pedophile or sadistic pig. Or, remembered not to forget anything else that had occurred.

I suspect my father continued to tell him or the walls had ears.

In either event, I was tortured just the same.

In Peace,
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