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BlueAngel wrote:
spectre wrote:
Unfortunately yes. I read it. It's about an hour or so of my life I'll never be able to get back!
An hour of your life. Poor thing! And, how many hours, days, weeks, months, years, did he take from me?

In Peace,
Your cold and rude demeanor has eliminated any desire for me (and likely most others given their lack of response) to feel any sense of compassion for you. To answer your question, it simply isn't my problem when it comes to how many years someone has taken away from you. I am currently wondering how many additional years from now you will continue to allow yourself to be defeated. Your negativity serves as proof of this. I would think someone supposedly in your situation would realize the value of the simpler things in life... such as kindness. From what I've seen here up til now, I wouldn't want to work with you, I wouldn't want to stand in your checkout line at the grocery store, I wouldn't want you delivering my mail, I wouldn't want you on the receiving end of my customer support call, I wouldn't want you as a neighbor and I wish to have no further interactions with you on here. Every time I have responded to you, albeit in defense of your paranoid and twisted accusations, has not been to my personal advantage and has only watered down an already flooded site. Please refrain from referencing my name in the future. I think you are in need of serious help and I feel sorry for you, and your children especially and all here who you continually force your abuse upon. You claim not to be a victim but a survivor. Your words and actions convey nothing but hypocrisy.
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