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spectre wrote:
I would have to agree with your assessment of my contributions to this site... but only for as long as I've been in dialogue with you. It is for this reason, with exception to my own defense, I will not partake in any further discussion with you. I also wish not to come here to discuss myself, but to talk openly on the more global issues. When you aren't insulting someone, you talk about you and only you.

You don't need to be in dialogue with me. Period. But, you continue.

</end transmission>
You don't need to be in dialogue with me. Period. But, you continue.

Do you see anyone else on this thread besides yourself, Shadow, Cold and RedRat? No, you do not. The four posters who harrass me. All others, well, they read and move on. I suggest you do the same.

You said you weren't going to partake in further discussion with me a few posts ago; the other day; two days ago.

So, why do you?

I'm here to write about my victimization in a "satanic cult," MKULTRA/Project Monarch, Mind Control within the Music Industry and any other topic which I desire. And, Spectre, I am WELCOME.

If you want to discuss global issues, do so.

No one is stopping you.

You are certainly not going to accomplish that by continuing to harrass me.

Please read your posts and then let me know who the INSULTER is.

Yes, I am talking about me in this thread and Project Monarch. One is connected to the other, Spectre.

And, Spectre, it's really none of your business.

In Peace,
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