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Default Re: The Return of the Draft

George Bush

Bush, what can I say about the guy? Everyone knows he has a giant oil pool. All that he wants is to make it bigger. He's putting too many innocent lives at risk. There have been between 16,036 and 18,305 civilian deaths alone in Iraq. So far Bush has injured 6953 soldiers - that's 94% of his army. The only thing good that Bush can do is never run for President again. I say imprison him permanently. Plus, there has been evidence found that Bush, when he was in the military, used cocaine, and also in the White House. Others might not agree with me because I'm a kid writing this, but I don't care.I just really don't like the president of the United States.


my 12 year old son as schoolwork... what must his teacher think? I asked him what he thought of the draft and he gave me this...
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