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LaDominio wrote:
Did you not read one word of what I said on this matter?

Relevant information. They are unknown to the outside, so they have no use for a name.
They dont speak English amongst each other. I dont know what language it is. Probably something fancy like Latin.
They live in Europe. I wont name the country.
If you track them down by some miracle, you’ll surly be killed.
They don’t really control political affairs. They are mainly concerned with polluting the world with negativity. Like demonic terraforming. Some of the ‘members’ are seen by some because they handle lower affairs. There’s something strange about them. These aren’t normal people. They are eerie to observe.
And now they’ve noticed my intrusion.

Anything too specific like names and location I wouldn’t give because it’s obviously a very stupid, reckless and dangerous thing to do. It can be dangerous for me to probe like this.
Henry Makow wrote an article, " Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy." According to a person named "Svali" in the article, "...German is spoken at the top..."

Now ffrom my personal experience, I have observed individuals, and at one time a group of entities that appeared human, however they had black eyes - the entire eye not just the iris, observed once in a room with very bright lights. This individual was also observed moving forward without moving his feet. A person experienced with this type of entity said they "glide." Often seemed to have a "born-yesterday," look or, appeared very old.

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