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BlueAngel wrote:
For the life of me, I can't understand why LaDomino would have a problem if IGWT were, in his words, "ZESTFULLY HUMPING MY LEG."

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Let if fly, LaDomino. Don't hold back. Speak with forked tongue.

In Peace,
No problem. Pointing out that you seem to have attracted a fan who doesn’t question one word you say and robotically agrees with you in every way. Its a quaint little 'hahah'...
But note I did say seem.

igwt wrote:
Now ffrom my personal experience, I have observed individuals, and at one time a group of entities that appeared human, however they had black eyes - the entire eye not just the iris, observed once in a room with very bright lights. This individual was also observed moving forward without moving his feet. A person experienced with this type of entity said they "glide." Often seemed to have a "born-yesterday," look or, appeared very old.
Yes the dark eyes are a very prominent feature. Its partly what made me say These aren’t normal people. They are eerie to observe.
I think the dark eyes are a ‘state’ but they do not always appear to have the ocular eclipse.
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