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Default Re: Where are the SAFE PLACES??

nohope187 wrote:
Even as it is today, the locals in Mexico are strongly prejudiced against white folk ie-kinda like South Africa :-P . So, like I said before, nowhere to run or hide.
Actually they don't or else there wouldn't be so much tourism from America to Mexico.

I would only consider Mexico if all hell breaks loose over here first making it too difficult to survive. I have read plenty of articles on earth changes and from what I understand, the USA/Canada/Mexico will unite to form a sort of federation after the cataclysms, which will include Mexican cities of Guadalajara/Monterrey (Mexicos nicest cities/richest cities).

It is unlikely that airports/trains are going to be working with all the flooding everywhere so we will probably be trapped where we are. Who knows what will happen, I just pray that things don't turn out so horrible (and I manage to live) :lol:
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