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Svaili wrote:

"Now from my personal experience, I have observed individuals, and at one time a group of entities that appeared human, however they had black eyes - the entire eye not just the iris, observed once in a room with very bright lights. This individual was also observed moving forward without moving his feet. A person experienced with this type of entity said they "glide." Often seemed to have a "born-yesterday," look or, appeared very old."

LaDomino wrote:

"Yes the dark eyes are a very prominent feature. Its partly what made me say These aren’t normal people. They are eerie to observe.
I think the dark eyes are a ‘state’ but they do not always appear to have the ocular eclipse."

In Svaili's writing she states that "a person experienced with this type of entity said they glide." So, now we know that there is a person EXPERIENCED with this type of entity.

I just wonder why there wasn't further elaboration on her part and why there isn't further elaboration on LaDomino's part.

In Peace,
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