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To clarify:

Following quoted D. Makow site
Henry Makow wrote an article, " Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy." According to a person named "Svali" in the article, "...German is spoken at the top..."

The following quoted from my personal experience:

...I have observed individuals, and at one time a group of entities that appeared human, however they had black eyes - the entire eye not just the iris, observed once in a room with very bright lights.

This individual was also observed moving forward without moving his feet. A person experienced with this type of entity said they "glide." Often seemed to have a "born-yesterday," look or, appeared very old.[/quote]

By born-yesterday I mean too youthful, no five o'clock shadow, no scars, yet have a build of say a thirty year old or more.

An aquaintance told me the following story 20 years ago.

She and her friend who had turned 21 had decided to go into a cemetary for a lark. They drove in and then a large black american sedan drove by them and in front effectively stopping their vehicle.

The two girls being in a VW beetle, turned the car around and attempted to leave. The black sedan again overtook them and blocked their exit. A number of individuals got out, and attempted to open the VW doors and get at the girls. They were frightened however they managed to get out of the vehicle.

My friend described then as looking very severe in appearance.
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