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Default Persprective is Everything So Try Looking at It This Way

Perspective - the angle or position from which we look at something - determines what we see. Without a paradigm shift, each of us will go on seeing things as they appear to US, literally and figuratively, physically with our eyes and mentally with our brains/minds.

IF we are on the right track in our political positions, and I believe we are, how do we bring about a paradigm shift in others so they will then be able to look at the big picture and see some of the things that we see?

Chances are good that my epiphany is not original. No doubt someone smarter than me came up with this years ago and it has gone into a black hole somewhere; let's resurrect it and send it around to see if we can maybe change the perspective of those who are too comfortable with where they are looking to bother thinking that they might be missing something.

Perhaps we could begin by asking these questions:

1. How many Iranians having dual citizenship, both American and Iranian, are in our government today - elected and bureaucratic?

2. How many of those dual citizen Iranians' first loyalty is to Iran?

3. Have you ever heard of an organization called AIPAC - American Iranian Political Action Committee? Or any of the hundreds of other organizations the Iranians have operating in this country for Iran's benefit as well as to spy on our country for Iran?

4. If said American Iranian Political Action Committee (AIPAC) existed, how would you feel if they extorted money from our government for Iran and then used it to "buy" our representatives so that they would vote in favor of anything that is good to/for Iran?

5. How would you feel if your tax dollars spent on military hardware were given to Iran and then Iran turns around and sells it to a possible future enemy like China, or worse, uses it to kill their neighboring countries' citizens in order to bring about a Greater Iran?

6 How would you feel about our government sending BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to Iran every year and then being told it's none of our business how they spend it, just keep it coming?

7. How would you feel if the world knew that Iran had a nuclear facility with the third largest stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical WMD and had consistently refused to sign the international agreement that would allow inspectors to go in and inspect those weapons?

8. How would you feel if Iran had sectioned off a small desolate area and forced several million jews to live there under constant fear for their lives from bombing, snipers, having their water and power cut off, not being allowed to receive medical supplies and food from the outside world, having their homes bulldozed without reason, their children killed by the thousands?

What if Iran killed a young American teenager by the name of Rachel Corrie who was trying to keep an Iranian bulldozer from destroying a jewish house?

How about a wall that eats into even their small amount of territory and separates families and livelihoods?

9. How would you feel if Iran controlled what you see and hear about what they are doing, through either outright ownership or control of all mass media outlets?

10. How would you feel if Iran demanded worldwide laws that forbid even discussion of Iran's actions under penalty of law? You could not even mention ANYTHING, no matter how provably true, having to do with Iran's history and/or present day actions unless you agree with what they tell you is permissible?

11. How would you feel if Iran agitated for a war against her perceived enemies in the region for YOUR sons and daughters to go and fight, bleed, suffer and die?

12. How would you feel about your country going trillions of dollars in debt to fight for Iran who then tells the world that they control this country and we know it?

13. How would you feel if Iran ran "false flag" operations in this country that resulted in thousands of Americans dying, just to rally the citizens to back a war for Iran? Say, like 9/11.

14. How would you feel if Iran had attacked one of our ships, say the Liberty, inflicting death and destruction on those on board and then have your own government refuse to send help and later cover it up and threaten the survivors with dire consequences if they even talk about it?

15. How would you feel if you knew that Iranians were in control of our currency and were using it to bankrupt our economy through artificial "booms and busts" - not to mention inflation which has only one cause - too much "funny money" being created out of nothing and then put into circulation by the Federal Reserve?

16. How would you feel if Iran set about to build museums all around this country to honor their dead from the US sponsored Iran-Iraq war and constantly harped on the fact, by implication, that only Iranian dead mattered?

17. How would you feel if Iranians owned outright the Federal Reserve, a privately owned entity, that created and uses the IRS to coerce, illegally, taxes from our citizens to pay the interest on the national debt - owed to said privately owned Federal Reserve? BTW, did you know that NOT ONE PENNY of the money collected by Income Taxes goes ANYWHERE but to the Federal Reserve, after the IRS takes a "rake-off" for it's trouble?

Both the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment were proposed in the same year (1913) for obvious reasons. The 16th Amendment was never ratified but it was put in place because the bankers demanded it. No law exists which says you have to pay Income Tax on salaries and wages. Courts have upheld that fact, that no new taxes were created, yet we are still having our hard earned money extorted from us under color of law - a law that does not exist.

Neither the Federal Reserve nor the IRS is FEDERAL. Neither have ever been audited.

A graduated Income Tax is a plank of the Communist Manifesto.

18. How would you feel if history proved that Communism was Iranian?

Sit someone down who is in need of a paradigm shift and start asking them these questions. About half way through they are going to be so pissed off that they will demand that Bush go in and obliterate that shitty little country and get OUR country's freedoms back, honest money and the troops brought home immediately.

Won't they be surprised to learn that you have substituted Iran and Iranians for the REAL perpetrators???

You can tell who really controls a country - they are spoken about only in whispers for fear of retaliation through financial ruin, incarceration and/or even death.

Is this the kind of country you want for yourself and your progeny? If something isn't done to bring about radical change NOW, it will only get worse. The plan is for America to become a Third World Country; we're almost there. Look around.

I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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