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Default Jews Start War Between Russia & U.S...Jews Rule World? CRAPOLA!

I have spent alot less time here at CC. I have rent to pay after all.

I cant resist having one last jab at the constant talk of WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAr...

Inparticular the waffle of Rivero at WRH who constantly pushes this line and also the draft which he tells us is coming soon as if he has some amazing predictive powers. Well it's been 2 years Rivero and still no sign of the draft. Just more crap to keep people distracted.

The American people will never accept a draft. Bush knows it but they'll keep floating it out their to keep the rats in a tiz.

As for all out war...

What exactly will the Jews control after a nuclear conflageration between the U.S and Russia?

I take it Russia and the U.S are entirely stupid?

They are using end of days hysteria to keep the public on the back foot. Keep you running in circles.

Watch "Wag The Dog"...then watch it again...then again and then again until it's imprinted deep into your head.

If you're of the religious bent then you have no business buying into this crap. Read your bible. "Talk of wars...but the end is not yet."

They are going to intimidate us with war and tension and take the world to the brink...then offer you a soloution...

a secular NWO Liberal government to finally end all this war.

You'll be so relieved you'll take anyone. Anyone but this nut case Bush. It's a scam and I'm quite personally sick of it and sick of some very popular websites continuing to push this shit.

It's Saturday, mid morning in West Oz.

I am heading to the beach for a latte and cheese cake. I am not buying into this bullshit. I am going to continue to enjoy life confident that when the time comes i will know what to do.

"The Majician twirls his cane seducvtively"... as George Humphrey relates in his 9-11 video to get you looking off into the distance instead of where you are right now.

It's the same old game with new bells and whistles.

They bore me and I wish for a more worthy opponent.

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