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Default Re: Jews Start War Between Russia & U.S...Jews Rule World? CRAPOLA!


I think it is best that you don't come to sites like this. from your last couple of posts i sense that you are not well. The info given on sites like this has to be viewed with discenment.

When i first became aware it was a terrible time i wanted to forget what i learned and yet learn more. life as i knew changed for ever but it was not a short passage it took years and over all it took deep spiritual therapy the one that only God through his holy ghost can achieve.

one cannot study these things and be spiritualy week the whole nwo is a spiritual warefare and no human is strong enough by himself to either gasp the info a much less comprehend it.

remember its not are war we can not do anything against it, we are just watchers to lead those who have not seen in the day that will come.

so take a break mate read the good Bible and (specialy the new testament first) and see the future reveled before your eyes just as it was written long before. but a future with hope for all.

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