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Default Re: If the Illuminati exists, why the division?

AISB you might want to save this link and start using it:

If you suspect that Muslims on forums are a little too close to spouting jihadtalk, or if you've been threatened by any of them fire off an email to HS.

My sources tell me that HS is quietly arresting scores of Muslims for death threats they've made on forums and for other jihad talk. Some of these jokers who are here illegally are being flown to Gitmo where they simply 'vanish' from view. (Who needs to waste taxmonies on trials for these people?)

The talk is that with certain precautions a jihadist can hide behind rerouters to block his actual address, but this is disinformation. If you're on the net making threats, you can and will be found.

And by all means, take precautions to protect yourself. Home security systems, a big barking Doberman or GermanShepard, (black preferably cause Muslims are afraid/superstitious of black dogs), and a large caliber handgun or shotgun with ammo smeared with pig grease.
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