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spectre wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
What happened to IGWT? Seems he disappeared and Spectre appeared.

In Peace,
It's called a forum and that's what happens in forums. People come. People get sick of you. People go. More often than not, people come back. It's just they way it is. You however seem to never leave.
Really? This is a forum? Exactly. Why don't you go to the GLOBAL ISSUES thread and then you wouldn't have to deal with me.

Seems for some reason you feel it is necessary.

WE know why.

Oh, but it's a forum. I come and I go. Get tired of dealing with people like you, but I come back.

This is how it will remain. I will leave when my job is completed and of my own free will.

Get out. Get some air. I think you're going to need it.

In Peace,
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