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So, let's recap. IGWT shared a few PM's with me during the night cap we were having with The Devil a few nights ago.

He used the sexual programming trigger, MEOW, as in here, Kitty, Kitty.

The Devil was using the sexual programming trigger, Hymmmmm, attempting to disguise it with a Y.

IGWT also made a comment about masturbation, and the comment about BA flashing her T*its.

Perhaps, IGWT thought "sexual programming" would be triggered as on the musician's site and I would begin exchanging emails or, best case scenario for them would have been for me to display such IMMORAL behavior on THIS site as is a by-product of sexual programming. Become flirtatious, etc.

Due to the fact that I am no longer under THEIR control, in an altered state of consciousness, but rather completely grounded in reality, their attempt failed.

There was an attempt to alter my state of consciousness with constant repetitive posts by The Devil and re-reading them each time IGWT posted a comment, so, IGWT, was a part of this attempt at hypnosis.

As I explained, The Devil left several commands in a few threads, such as, "your brain is a wasteland." You know nothing of music.

IGWT gave himself away with a little help from his friends.

In Peace,
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