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Default Re: Jews Start War Between Russia & U.S...Jews Rule World? CRAPOLA!

Point taken. Believe me. I wont be.

In ten years they'll still be talking of war...and war...and the draft...and you'll all be still talking about it.

Talking about it...and yes talking about it but you wont be doing anything about it.

Enjoy the talk fest!

Ya know what! Fuck this...bring it on...please explain to me how it's going to unfold 55. Explain to me how war will come between Russia and the U.S brought on by a few good Jews?

Come on...I challenge everyone on this site to explain to me how the war with Iran will unfold and how the U.S and Russia will be stupid enough to find themselves involved in a nuclear exchange?

Explain to me the forces to be used.

Explain to me the logistics.

Explain to me how a draft will be sold to the American people who are already sick to death of the Iraq war and are well and truly onto Bush and Co.

Please explain to me how a giant terrorist attack will be pulled off in the U.S?

Explain to me how the intelligence community will be kept in line when their own families are incinerated?

Explain in all the detail your little head can muster instead of parroting the SAME CRAPOLA from the USUAL SUSPECT web sites.

Right now. Line up one by one and state your case.

And please 55...belive me...i know first hand exactly whats happening. Unlike yourself, a wannabe second hand rumour peddler.

So bring it on. Lets explain these rumours of war in detail.

Lets get the facts on EXACTLY how it's all going to unfold.

Lets here from everyone once and for all how it's all going to pan out.
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