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Default Re: Jews Start War Between Russia & U.S...Jews Rule World? CRAPOLA!

the powers that be will make it happen the way they have always made it happen by the manipulation of money and greed. this has been the history of most wars in the last centuries specialy the 20th.

we humans are capable of anything particularly if we become zealots of any idea. just look at the palastines they wrap themselves in explosives and ignite where ever they can kill whoever.

This is because of the lack of belief in an absolute code morality that brings man too do anything.

nobody is saying that what will happen will work in clockwork precision. the people who manipulate society are as human and error prone as you and me. thats one of the reasons it will fail.

of cousre those of us that are bibile believers know that the human powers that be, are servants of the spiritual powers of darkeness, entitties that direct those that want to serve them for the sake of money and power. their goal is to rule over mankind.

if you don't belive this then everything does not make sense and in truth to the matter it really would not because of the scope and timeframe of the things we talk and study about would be far removed from what any man or group of men can ever hope to achieve.

please don't take my words as a rebuff to you or of any sense of holier or better than thou attitude cause its not, its my way of telling you that what you feel is not uncommun and that you should take a break and sooner or latter you will decide.

if these belifes upset you don't get into them. if they still persist then seek a solid spiritual base on which to base your life with that you will have a better perspective on these things. because noy having such a base can make anyone lose their senses.

just remember there are those that want to keep us blind of the facts so that they can work there ways.

good luck
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