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spectre wrote:
I don't believe it is in good faith to post or comment on "private messages" without permission of the sender. Then again, anyone willing to engage with you privately is clearly naive, innocent, curious, or as you believe and would have us believe it would be intentional and the messages would contain commands.

Then IGWT must be clearly naive as he began the exchange hoping for something more but he got something less.

Really, Spectre, the messages would have to contain commands. Why? There couldn't possibly be other motives?

I've already explained IGWT's role and what IGWT was hoping for during his attempt at triggering sexual programming while COLD was on the board with him and myself.

You claim you have evidence. Since you have disrupted this ENTIRE FORUM snd with no apology or gesture of consideration in sight, PROVE IT!!!

I haven't disrupted this forum. You have. There is no reason for me to apologize and I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

My response to your next response:

Of course not! How convenient. I still have sympathy for you.

On another note I did state that I was here for a more global purpose (ie minus the individual) but I now view YOU as a global issue and it isn't the Discovery Channel, but it's an interesting lesson in psychological disorders.

Strange how you are asking me questions and then answering for me.

In Peace,
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