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Default Re: The Illusion of Safety


CANADA IS LAISSER-FAIRE - on this point we agree.

Canada is also communistic by nature and unless you have lived here and perhaps also in a different country so as you may have a reference to compare against, you really don't know.

Life experience is the ultimate school of hard knocks where truth is at its most absolute rawest form.

We have five different varieties of local police. There is the HRM police. The RCMP. The "Community" RCMP. The military police. The lake police and the list goes on and on. I can only speak to the city police and all the other police branches can fcuk with me. Doesn't that sound odd?

All mainstream radio stations are in the same building which is also the same building that houses the monopolised television stations that exist in canada, outside of CBC - government owned. Doesn't that paint a ludicrous picture you would expect to find in communist China and not capitalist Canada?

The rock station, the country station, the pop station, I can go on..., all in one building? Seeing and experiencing Canada is a truly communistic experience, Ozzie. I have no reason to lie regarding this issue, or anything I post, for that matter.

That's the problem, people in Canada think they are free and do not understand just how many of their rights, as a human being, have been stolen away from them by organized crime - federal, provincial, and municipal political corruption. It's who you know and who you blow, all the way here. Communism dictates that the few at the top feed their greed while the surfs get their fair and equal ration - my ass.

It's laisser-faire, like you say. We, the people, the canadian population, allow the Canadian government to commit their crimes through turning a blind eye.

In Canada, if you are a mason, your ass is covered. If not, the law is a law unto itself and the goal posts are constantly changing. The media is in bed with the government and the CRTC is the long arm of the poopaganda machine. Does that sound like a democratic system to you?
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