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Default Re: Insights?

I vist these sites to gather more information and to compare learn and un learn. To study the times but most of all i am a bible student and i compare the info gathered here with that published in the bible. and only further in those that have bibilical connections. as to the posible scenarios of the worlds end the bible speakes of the the end of an age.

if you go to the book of daniel and revelation and others it portrays these events. as for the end of the age it decribes a conflict that will start with a being called the antichrist who will rule the world politcaly and economicaly, it says his origin is suprenatural, he starts as an image that comes to life and causes a world war.

he directs his efforts to destroy jerusalem and gods people. the book says that 2 thirds of the world population will be wiped out. when he goes against Gods remenant of people, they clamor to God, Jesus comes and battles with this antichrist wins the battle and establishes his kingdom on earth for all nations. it will be a an authoritarian reign but a just pecefull joyfull reign.

My conclusion is the the bible written over thousands of years and finnished about 2 thousand years ago is correct and on tract.

The result of my knowlege is greater faith in gods word. the ability to defend myself from false knowlege that clouds vision also helping others see the times we are living for what they are.

i have great sympathy for tb i just think he has infromation overload. if information like this affects his life i recommend him to leave for his own peace.

he should also realize that a couple of weeks, months or even years of scattered info is of no use to anyone. without a firm base anyone can go crazy or at the least become disfunctional and please don't think that i am implying superiority or inferiority to anyone. knowlege has to be cultivated and anyone can if they take time and proper methods. for everyone there is a season.

if tb has come to his conclusion of things exposed here that is fine.

I have been at this on and off for over 20 years the first info i recieved schocked me so much that i stopped looking into it for 3 years

just because i come to these forms does no mean that i believe everything published in them but i read all i can and compare to gods word. i like to here others opinions on how they read the same info.

so i am not in now way putting down tb nor any other.

when will i stop? i don't know.
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