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Default Re: Barbara Hartwell

spectre wrote:
Hmm. Well far more in common than not down to a quote of hers in which she states "have another drink for me." Equally as interesting is the change in tone where dialogue between you and her now is concerned. My first impression of her sudden apparent stance against you was that it was all premeditated and therefore designed to make us think you two weren't quite the support system as up until today it had appeared. You are a better sport than I when it comes to one BA.
Look at this GARBAGE Spectre writes.

Who stated "have another drink on me?"

That wasn't me.

Barbara said this to Spectre when they were together one night?

Change in tone between IGWT and myself.

Ah, gee, Spectre, you must really be out of the loop on this one, or just playing the dumb act.

Which, by the way, is quite transparent.

IGWT has already been exposed as being in league with you, RedRat, LaDomino, and The Devil. He's already been exposed for attempting to trigger sexual programming.

Seriously, IGWT with his REMEMBER to FORGET mind control command. You can't expose yourself much more than that.

In Peace,
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