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Ozziecynic.. Don't be discouraged by anyone.. You have as much of a right to say what you have as anybody.. Keep up the good work.. We need your input.. You are a good guy.. expressing your opinion.. And you are very good at it..

If we seem to be out of line from your point of view.. Yell.. and tell us what you think..

If we can't except all opinions.. We are just as blind as the The Media..

Ozziecynic.. Has another point of view.. And his opinion may be right in the long run... Think about it.. .We are a global forum.... All opinions are welcome as long as they don't.. Pick on other posters by name and attribute characteristics that are not verifiable by previous posts.

Everyone should be able to ether defend their posts or at least .. say O.K. I was wrong.. and that should be the end of it
Hick up..
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