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Default Those who want you slave or dead.

An EXCELLENT and concise history of those grim mickeys who want you slave or dead:


"Despite the belief of the common freemasons you meet that their movement started way back in the days of the Old Testament, historical records seem to point that its emergence as a united society of some kind started in 1773 in Frankfurt, Germany when one Mayor Amschel Rothschild assembled 12 of his most influential Jewish friends whom he later referred to as the "elders of Zion" to convince them that if they got their resources together, they could rule the world. (...)

(...) It was to direct a worldwide attack on all religion and government. It wanted a Universal Republic or a New World Order. (...)

(...) the inner circle of the Order "was structured around the pentagram", the symbol of the blazing star Sirius. It was initially made up of five men: Kolmer, Francis Dashwood who founded the Satanic Hellfire Club, Alphone Donatien DeSade from whom the word "sadism" was derived, Mayer Rothschild, and Weishaupt. (...)

(...) It will be interesting to note that the bolsheviks or Russian revolutionaries called themselves Spartacusts, which was the illuminati pseudonym of Weishaupt. (To be continued)"

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