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Default Re: 'Great Satan' warned of a burning hell

A most interesting play of events.

The U.S. cannot sustain troop levels at current losses and levels in Iraq... Will they march on to Iran? That would be fool-hearty. D.R.A.F.T. might come into play? Civilian riots in America??? I see where this is leading...

Iran is a far more united nation than Iraq. They all back the students there and will march in the streets, risking their lives side by side with the students, should they choose to demonstrate their displeasure with an upcoming American occupation.

The Americans think the Iraqi's are tough, wait until they face the Iranians.

It also smacks of a bit of bullshit as an Iranian husband of mine explained how the American generals were down in the Iranian turrets when America was also funding Saddam. Makes global politics all appear a bit WWF to me. WTF mate?

I liken global politics to a poker table. Every player/nation that ruffles up its feathers and is prepared to go to war against humanity, send her citizens to their death, gets a stake at the claim - global monopolisation of all utilities and ulitimately, the land comprising many nations. This is the reward for selling out your country and being a bitch for the banking bastards: a fat personal bank account and an 'in' with the "in" crowd who deal drugs and enslave people/children.

What a crap shoot? The table is fixed and the decks are stacked with world bankers dirty fake monopoly monies.

Rome is gonna fall - it's only a matter of time before the U.S. economy is collapsed. History is repeating herself, as history has not been recorded in its truth and the lies are still covering the lies which are coverning the lies.

The truth is coming to light. That's one good thing to hold onto while the global economies collapse. The U.S. economy is being bankrupted. What ends will this means satisfy? U.N occupation of American soil and martial law on the North American continent???

P.S. That Uncle Tom escape goat Ollie North black woman by Bush's side is a witch, if I ever saw one.
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