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igwt wrote:
spectre wrote:
It's late so these numbers may be slightly off, but up to this point in the thread, BA has used the term "I" six times and "me" or "my" ten times.

BA, go check out some of my prior posts if you are truly as concerned about the quality of my contributions on this site as you repeatedly claim. This would of course involve partaking in a topic potentially NOT related to you so I'll will understand your refusal to do so. I am working to a greater goal of drawing additional attention to you (if possible and where othere have done so in the past) so that we may ALL resume participation in actual discussion as originally intended by the site owner and administrator.

You should consider maybe statting your own Blog or something. Either that or learn to be polite to people, which desite your claims, is visible to all as false. You are highly abasive is all which is for me judge no futher. You *may* be justified in this but I just don't believe so.

Yes, I know! No need to comment.

For the record, I've seen better third grade book reports on "Clifford" verses your highly illogical, contradictory and unclear banter currently plaguing this and every other thread in the forum as it relates to your claimed "mind-control" issues.

You lack sincerity and insight via your comments should alarm people not to interact with you as I now wish I myself did.
That's why she was banned the first time :-o
It was a mutual understanding between me and the OTHERS. Obviously, your indication that Spectre's comments about me are the reason I left are completely false.

He wasn't present during the conversation with the OTHERS and myself.

Not privy to that information so you must MAKE UP your own.

What's that called? Oh, yes. Disinformation.

In Peace,
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