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Default Re: Seeking mkultra Babes!.

Here is IGWT's PM to me implying that COLD had infiltrated his computer.

A very fine example of a LIAR who has a "hidden agenda." However, after being OUTTED, we see he no longer hides his agenda.

It is in PLAIN SIGHT for all to see.

Subject: Cold

Weird thing happened yesterday after being online. Swithced off the computer. When I tried to reboot a blue screen message showed inaccessible boot device. I fixed that, then the internet wouldn't work. Looked at system logs and showed changes were made to the adaptor card for wireless device, then was fixing this problem and found when I scanned for trojens etc and rebooted the system says WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM corrupted. Earlier, Firewall logs showed that some one was repeatedly trying to infiltrate the router/modem am using. Very strange
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